What Is A District Leader

Every Assembly District in Brooklyn elects two District Leaders, one male and one female. A District Leader, also called a State Committee Person, is an unpaid elected official who serves on the Executive Committee of the Kings County Democratic Committee. The Executive Committee chooses the Party Chair, and collectively they determine the direction and agenda of the County Committee.

The Kings Country Democratic Committee is the official governing body of the Democratic Party in Brooklyn. It is supposed to work in cooperation with the state and national Democratic Committees to develop official party policies and positions and communicate them to the public. It is responsible for building the Party organization at the County level, developing and supporting candidates, registering and organizing voters, and creating an environment of civic participation.

I am running because Brooklyn deserves a local Democratic Party that is transparent, responsive to the grassroots, and invested in creating a progressive platform used to influence our elected representatives and the state and national Democratic Committees. I am committed to fighting everyday until this is a reality.


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