Scott Stringer Endorses Douglas Schneider

Released at: August 07, 2018
Contact: Douglas Schneider


I am extremely proud to announce my endorsement of Doug Schneider for District Leader in the 44th Assembly District.

Doug is a true progressive activist and a passionate advocate for our shared commitment to open, transparent government. He is a dedicated reformer, running to democratize decision-making and give greater power to grassroots Democrats. I can speak with first hand knowledge about his commitment to electing real Democrats, getting rid of the IDC, and building a vibrant, diverse Democratic Party that reflects Brooklyn’s values.

Doug is a proven leader and a zealous advocate for the community. Over the decade I have known him, I have been impressed with the work he has done on issues ranging from pedestrian safety, to preserving the character of our neighborhoods, to criminal justice reform. I am absolutely certain that Democrats in the 44th Assembly District could not find a better, more dedicated, more qualified candidate for District Leader than Doug Schneider.

I will be out there this summer campaigning for Doug and I encourage you to support his campaign and sign up to volunteer for a real progressive reformer.