Stop The IDC

32 of 63 New York State Senators were elected as Democrats, enough to give Democrats control of the State Senate. However, until recently, a rogue group of 8 elected Democrats, the “Independent Democratic Conference” (the “IDC”), voted to give the Republicans control of the State Senate, which allowed them to block progressive legislation. In exchange, these fake Democrats got higher pay, committee chairmanships, and other perks.

The consequences were grave. IDC members prevented passage of vital legislation that would protect immigrants, women, LGBTQ New Yorkers, workers, the environment and civil rights. They blocked voting reform, criminal justice reform, and ethics and campaign finance reform. They stood on the wrong side of the fight against Trump’s offensive agenda.

Now, facing punishment at the voting booth, IDC members have coming running back to rejoin the Democratic Conference. We cannot be fooled and we cannot take our foot off the gas. Two of these fake Democrats, Jesse Hamilton and Diane Savino, represent parts of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Democratic Party has not done enough in the face of this betrayal. The Brooklyn Democratic Party must lead the fight to support primary opponents for each of them and use the full force of its power to deny these fake Democrats the Democratic Party line.

With Trump and the Republicans in control of the federal government, we cannot allow these Trump Democrats to prevent New York State from fighting back. As your District Leader, I will stand up to stop the IDC and help ensure the New York State Senate represents the people, not the privileged. This is a deep blue state and in these dangerous times, nothing should hold us back from passing the laws we need to ensure social and economic justice.


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