Build A Better Party

With more than 1 million registered Democrats, Brooklyn could be one of the most active and influential local Democratic organizations in the country. To make this happen, the Brooklyn Democratic Party must fight to elect leaders and pass laws that reflect our communities’ values. It must identify, recruit and develop candidates for office. It needs to educate and organize voters, encourage grassroots activism, and influence the actions of Democratic leaders at the local, state and national levels.

The Brooklyn Democratic party must develop and communicate a clear platform from which the state and national parties can learn. We must be the party committed to economic justice, criminal justice reform, voting reform, and support for women, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and religious and racial minorities.

With Donald Trump and a radical Republican Congress committed to fighting for corporations, bigotry, and the America of yesterday, Democrats must be the party fighting for people, for tolerance, and for progress. I will fight every day for Brooklyn’s progressive values by holding Republicans and the IDC accountable and working to elect real Democrats at the local, state, and federal levels.

Reform The County Committee

The County Committee plays a large role in selecting our State Supreme Court judges, candidates for governor, state comptroller, and attorney general, and makes decisions about how resources are spent and for which candidates.

Brooklyn’s grassroots deserve a larger say in these important decisions. To make this a reality, the following reforms are needed:

  1. All candidates for State Supreme Court should be evaluated by a truly independent judicial panel;
  2. Judicial candidates should not be allowed to donate money to District Leaders and vice versa;
  3. District Leaders should not be allowed to seek or accept compensated judicial appointments from any judge elected in Kings County;
  4. Legislative vacancies should be filled in an open and transparent manner with the maximum amount of public participation;
  5. District Leaders should only hold proxies from their district to prevent one leader from having the power to dictate the rules and platform of the Brooklyn Democratic Party;
  6. The County Committee should not endorse for judge the spouse of any currently serving District Leader; and
  7. A District Leader should not simultaneously hold an appointed government position.


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